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Cardboard Kayaking - Crazy event held in Fishguard, Wales

Cardboard Kayaking Event 2015

September 4th, 2015


Cardboard kayaking equals laughter, dedication and soggy bottoms…

A perfect combination for a silly evening in Fishguard.

On bank holiday Monday 31st of August 2015 a very crazy cardboard kayaking event happened in the quaint little Welsh harbour of Lower Town Fishguard. As evening approached twenty two cardboard kayaks arrived on the quay each one built with love, dedication and a sense of humour. Why were they here?  To race in a series of silly challenges while knowing that eventually that inevitable sinking feeling will happen…


Cardboard kayak pirates
While the cardboard kayaking entrepreneurs went about their intrepid sinking activities the spectators, a few hundred of them, enjoyed the excellent music (provided by Chris Tullet Entertainment), Food to die for (lovingly cooked by Jo and her team at the Cafe on the Quay) and Drinks from the Fishguard Bay Yacht club.


Home made cardboard kayak.

The whole event was filled with cheering and laughter.

The atmosphere was electric as the cardboard kayaking competitors took on our course. Some of the kayaks had a very short but sweet entry into the event and went down with massive smiles to the audiences delight.



While other competitors lasted for well over half an hour.

One cardboard kayak made by the Fishguard Sea Cadets, piloted by Molly, lasted the whole competition, survived capsize and was still sea worthy at the end of the night. They put it back onto their trailer and took it home again!!!! Truly impressive and well deserved Last Kayak standing award.


Cardboard kayaking in Wales.


The Results:

Cardboard kayaking Sprint Winner:

Spearhead 2

Cardboard kayaking Race Winner:

Cheese Factory

Last cardboard Kayak Standing:

Sea Cadets 

Special Cardboard kayaking Award Winners:

“Best themed kayak and paddler” – Most awesome looking kayak and paddler combination!

Shark Attack

“Titanic Award” – Most Impressive sinking!

2 minute Kayak


Cardboard Kayaking

Twenty two cardboard kayaks race in a series of silly challenges while knowing that eventually that inevitable sinking feeling will happen…

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[img src=]740


“The Cardboard Kayaking race in Lower Town Fishguard was a massive success will you enter next year?”




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