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Cardboard Kayak-King Event 2014

September 22nd, 2014
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Cardboard Kayak-King

The Annual Cardboard Kayak-King Event

Laughter, dedication and soggy cardboard – A perfect combination for a silly evening in Fishguard.


On Saturday (20th September 2014) an amazing evening of cardboard kayak silliness was had in Lower Town Fishguard Harbour. With well over one hundred and fifty spectators along the quay wall the atmosphere was electric. The crowd had a great time enjoying the laughter, hog roast and beer (Provided by the excellent Cafe On the Quay) while cheering on the fun loving competitors who made their voyage out into the sea in home made kayaks. The Kayaks were made using only Cardboard, Duct tape, Glue and dreams took to the water in an all out battle for glory and awards!


The Cardboard Kayak race in Lower Town Fishguard was a massive success will you enter next year?



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“Cardboard kayaks, piloted by intrepid people, float (or sink) in a rigorous competition designed to test the kayaks to destruction…”



The Results:


2nd – Kayak-King
3rd – Spearhead


The Race:

1st – Stingray
2nd – Spearhead
3rd – Octocox


The Destruction Derby:

1st – Making Headlines
2nd – Octocox
3rd – Spearhead


Award Winners:

“Best themed kayak & paddler” – Most awesome looking kayak and paddler combination! The award for 2014 goes to…

Sharkinator 3000


“Titanic Award” – Most Impressive sinking! The award for 2014 goes to…

 Neils 50 minute makes


“Main event winner” – Fastest competitor on the course events goes to…



“Last man/women Standing” – Final Destruction Derby with the last remaining competitor taking the win. The award for 2014 goes to…

Making Headlines


The Cardboard Kayak race in Lower Town Fishguard was a massive success will you enter next year?


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Father Christmas Kayaking and Coasteering!

December 9th, 2013


Santa, Elf and Penguins kayaking

Father Christmas kayaking and Coasteering……

The Santa Claus or Father Christmas we all know and love — that big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard — doesn’t work all year around. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that he enjoys taking his elves out kayaking and coasteering prior to the festive season.

Santa and his elf kayaking in Pembrokeshire.

Father Christmas Penguin

Bought an experience day voucher from Kayak-King and Celtic Quest Coasteering for Santa and Elf. When we got the call we were only to happy to accommodate everyone’s favourite holiday characters.

Santa kayaking in Pembrokeshire

Santa or Father Christmas if you will, Loved kayaking on Pembrokeshire coast with us. Enjoying the views from the kayaks and getting the chance to JUMP off the rocks with the fantastic people at Celtic Quest Coasteering.

Santa with Celtic Quest Coasteering

!!!!!!DON’T WORRY!!!!!!!

“Santa is now ready to get back to the serious business of getting wrapping our presents for the festive season.”

Santa loves to visit us before the busy festive season.

penguin kayaking on the Pembrokeshire sea Get your Kayaking Gift Vouchers Here!

Whether you’re buying for a loved one, friend, colleague, customer or even spoiling yourself.

“Using stable sit on top kayaks we will venture out along the Pembrokeshire coast. Exploring the coastline as you kayak beneath towering sea cliffs and into sun dappled caves, looking out for seals and bird life along the way.”

A Kayaking Experience Day Gift Card makes the perfect gift.


Santa having a great time jumping off the Pembrokeshire coastline into the sea...Get your Coasteering Gift Vouchers here!

“Pembrokeshire Coasteering is an outdoor activity exploring the coast at sea level. All Coasteering sessions with Celtic Quest are tailored to suit your groups expectations and abilities and can include cliff jumping, scramble climbing, adventure swimming, rock hopping and more.” – Quoted from:


Santa feels confident that with his new Kayaking skills he’ll be OK if the sleigh goes down over water. Rock hopping while coasteering  has taught Santa a few tricks that he plans to use while moving around the roof tops this Christmas eve.

Father Christmas has fallen out of his sea kayak

Merry Christmas from the team at Kayak-King!

Thank-you for reading our crazy Christmas blog…We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did creating it!! 😀

Please feel free to Share with your friends!


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Skomer Island Kayaking trip in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

May 5th, 2013

Skomer Marine Nature Reserve.

Skomer is well known for its wildlife: a third of the world population of Manx Shearwaters nest on the island, the Atlantic Puffin colony is the largest in southern Britain.

kayaking out from Martins haven on our way to Skomer island

“Skomer is a magical place to visit, a haven for wildlife it is most well known for its puffins, yet there is so much more to the bird paradise.”


Traveling to skomer

A 5am start gave us stunning light and playful seals..

Our day out started with breakfast from tupperware tubs and ended with seals hugging our kayaks.

We left Martins Haven as the sun was rising with glassy calm, swimming pool like water and open sea ahead of ourselves.

Not surprisingly we were in high spirits and were very excited to see what Skomer had to offer on such a stunning May day…..


Crossing jack sound, kayaking to Skomer islandCrossing the infamous “Jack Sound” was timed perfectly with no evidence of it’s dangerous history….

Jack Sound is a treacherous body of water about 800 metres (2,600 ft) wide between the island of Skomer and the Pembrokeshire mainland that contains numerous reefs and a tidal race of up to 6 knots.
It is used by boats to avoid a three-mile detour around the island, and has its share of sunken shipwrecks.
The island and the sound are both part of the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve.


“Kayaking around the back of the island gave us a rare opportunity to view Razorbills, Guillemots and of course the Puffins…..”


The seals appeared and just look how playfull they were.

Following us and playing with our kayaks….

We discovered this female seal following us and she just kept getting braver…

Swimming alongside us so close that we had to be careful not to hit her with our paddles. At one point Libby said to me “my boat feels heavy” I looked under her boat to see that this seal was hugging the hull of her kayak and by the look of things thoroughly enjoying the ride. We stopped at this point and the seal then tried to get up onto my kayak I stayed calm as she was clearly just having fun with this big red toy.

I’ll be honest when she started nibbling my elbow I did get a tad nervous and at that point decided to move away……


“We paddle around Skomer at least once a year to enjoy the wildlife but it was a surprise to both of us to have such a close encounter with the uber friendly Atlantic Grey Seals…..”


Kayak-King never approach wildlife we let it come to us. For advice on Wildlife spotting without causing disturbances:

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Kayak van has it’s livery!

April 11th, 2013

The new kayak van is out and about in Pembrokeshire!

If you spot us come and say hello….

It’s been a mad dash to get set up with all our new improvements this year but “By George” were nearly there. We are really pleased with the way the kayak van is looking. 🙂

New for 2013 is our big blue kayak van all livery’d up and ready to rock.

God bless her and all who ride in her…

Here’s the van pre-livery!!!!

Kayak van with no livery

And here is the Kayak-King van with all it’s colours… What have we created?

Kayak van in the sun

Kayak van overlooking Newgale beach.

What do you think??? Colourful enough? 😀

We are constantly striving to improve our service here at Kayak-King.


Join us for a fantastic day out kayaking!

All ages and abilities welcome with all kayaking tours tailored to your needs. We use stable “sit on top” kayaks to venture out along the Pembrokeshire coast. Explore the coastline with us as you paddle beneath towering sea cliffs and into sun dappled caves, looking out for seals and bird life along the way.

Our experienced guides will keep you safe on the water while sharing stories about the marine life, local history of Fishguard and much more…

“Kayak-King is a fantastic day out and we’re open all year”

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