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Kayaking Pictures in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

Man looking into a cave on a kayak - kayaking gallery

Kayaking fun with families in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Kayak-King images of people kayaking around the stunning coast in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Exploring caves, playing on waves having a great time canoeing and sit on top kayaking.

[img src=]21380Kayak stuck on the rocks
<br />Father and son in a kayak stuck on the rocks in Pembrokeshire.
[img src=]18940Kayaking through a crack in the Pembrokeshire Coast
A stunning crack line to kayak through which takes you too the Needle Rock on the Pembrokeshire coast.<br /><br />A great day out for all ages and abilities!<br />
[img src=]15960Needle Rock stack the Jewel in the crown with Guillemots and Razorbills at Kayak-King Tours join us in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales to visit the Stack by Kayak.
The Needle Rock at Fishguard, Wales. It is a dolerite stack with a hole through its base, standing 130 feet high. Here we have a kayaker paddling through the opening, an activity known as 'threading the needle'. <br /><br />The cliffs in this area are breeding sites for rare birds such as Guillemots, Razorbills and Herring Gulls.
[img src=]12900Main cave here at kayak-King in Fishguard, Wales, UK.
Explore the cave see the colours and listen to the gurgles of this mystical cave. <br /><br />This cave is a short paddle from Fishguard harbour and is visited on most of our tours.
[img src=]13490Happy Kid going kayaking in wales.
Happy kid about to go kayaking on the sea in Pembrokeshire.<br /><br />Your kids can have this much fun going kayaking in Pembrokeshire. <br /><br />Join us for a family day out.
[img src=]13230Family kayaking tour here in wonderful pembrokeshire, Wales.
A family on the coast kayaking on a kayak-king tour in Wales, UK
[img src=]10980Seal in the sea viewed from kayaks in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.
Grey Seals<br />Are spotted regularly on our tours and are always inquisitive and friendly! <br /><br />Seals in Pembrokeshire are inquisitive and fun to be around playing games by following our kayaks and occasionally if you're lucky laying their heads onto the boats.<br /><br /><br />Pembrokeshire has a 5,000 strong colony of these beautiful creatures. It is one of the world’s rarest seals and may grow up to seven feet in length.<br /><br />Breeding takes place in the autumn, when the males come ashore to establish territories. A female may mate with more than one male to produce a pup of around 14kg which suckles for three weeks, gaining 2kg per day due to the 60% fat content of the milk.<br /><br />Sand eels and cod comprise the seal’s main food but they will take whatever fish are in abundance.<br /><br />On average, a female may live until 35, ten years longer than male grey seals.<br /><br />“Nothing can ever prepare you for your first kayaking encounter with a seal.<br />A mixture of fear and delight, as these curious creatures will often swim incredibly close to you.”
[img src=]12600Clear water kayaking in Fishguard bay in Pembrokeshire Wales.
Calm and clear water with channels and boulder gardens to explore.
[img src=]10210Fishguard Cave.
A fantastic cave in Fishguard bay in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Seen from a kayaks view.
[img src=]10910Three Kayaks in a row.
These Kayakers are enjoying the Pembrokeshire coast.
[img src=]9420Paddling the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales, UK
Paddling kayaks in the sun at a very low tide in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire wales.
[img src= tour (48).JPG]10430Adult Kayaking tour.
These guys had a great time on an adults tour. Much sillyness was had with everyone ending up in the water by the end.
[img src=]8390Jewel Anemone
Anemones: are beautiful marine animals with wavy tentacles, and resemble underwater flowers. They are usually brightly coloured, adopting shades of white, green, blue, orange, red or mauve, often contributing to the spectacular walls of invertebrates populating reefs. Species such as the bulb-tentacled sea anemone.<br>
[img src=]9530A muscle pose from an adult kayaking tour.
He had so much fun a muscle pose was pulled as a victory at the end of kayaking in Pembrokeshire.
[img src=]11320Needle Rock the Jewel in the crown at Kayak-King Tours in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Needle Rock is a stunning sea stack. The cliffs in this area are breeding sites for rare birds - Guillemots - Razorbills
[img src= tour (20).JPG]8720Lots of adults kayaking through one small gap in the rocks...
These guys finally made it through after all the laughter had stopped!
[img src=]7480Fun in the sun on this adult activity
Looking out at a bunch of adult kayakers in Fishguard bay. With Fishguard Fort in the background.
[img src=]8370Kayaking through needle rock in Pembrokeshire
What better way to enjoy your holiday than paddling through Needle Rock on a sit on top kayak with friends?
[img src=]8080Kids Kayaking on the waves in the sea
Kids having fun on waves.
[img src=]7120Looking out from a cave.
Looking out a kayakers from a cave in Pembrokeshire.
[img src=]6880Needle Rock.
This place is amazing... Needle Rock is a stunning sea stack. The cliffs in this area are breeding sites for rare birds - Guillemots - Razorbills
[img src= tour (16).JPG]7450Kayaking through gaps in rocks.
Exploring the Pembrokeshire coast from the comfort of an arm chair.
[img src=]7680Four people kayaking in one cave.
Lots of room to explore as we all head into a cave in Pembrokeshire. We have lots of caves with vivid colours on the walls and squidgy marine life.
[img src=]6260Needle Rock arch.
Home to rare nesting birds. Needle Rock is a stunning sea stack. The cliffs in this area are breeding sites for rare birds - Guillemots - Razorbills
[img src=]6390Thumbs up from a kayak in a cave.
Kayaker in a cave with thumbs up having a great time in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.
[img src=]6190Family fun sit on top kayaking.
Sit on top kayaking a great way to explore the coast with the family.
[img src=]5660kid on the rocks
a kid playing on the rocks while out kayaking
[img src=]5770Happy kid about to embark on a kayaking journey to remember.
little person about to go on a kayak tour in Pembrokeshire wearing a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, cag and helmet.
[img src=]5490fun in the sun kayaking
kayak canoe fun in Pembs
[img src=]5740Lower town fishguard harbour on pembrokeshire.
Lower town fishguard harbour on pembrokeshire.
[img src=]4990Family fun while Kayaking here in Lower Town Fishguard
Father and daughter enjoying their first experience at Kayaking on the sea.
[img src=]4800Happy kid Kayaking
This little girl is having great fun while kayaking in Pembrokeshire
[img src=]4760Child looking into the water from a kayak
Looking into the sea while enjoying a kayaking tour in Fishguard Wales.
[img src=]4870Happy kid going kayaking
Kayak kid getting into her sit on top kayak about to head out into the sea.
[img src=]4630Kayaking Tours in Fishguard Bay, Pembrokeshire.
Kayak Tours are a great way to get out and enjoy the Pembrokeshire coast. We take you on tours from Fishguard which is a stunning harbour which has easy access to the Pembrokeshire coast national park caves and marine life.
[img src=]4620Kayak in Pembrokeshire
Kayaking with children in Pembrokeshire.
[img src=]4950kayaking in Wales
Families kayaking in wales along the Pembrokeshire coast.
[img src=]4470Happy kid kayaking
Kid kayaking in Wales.
[img src=]4270Close up of children Kayaking.
Children kayaking in Pembrokeshire Wales.
[img src=]4220Kids playing on kayaks in Pembrokeshire.
Children playing on the kayaks in Pembrokeshire Wales.
[img src=]4660Coastal kayaking holidays.
Kayaking the coast of Wales on Holiday.
[img src=]4550Holidays in Wales,
Holiday on kayaks in Wales.
[img src=]4750Sea kayaking with children in Pembrokeshire
Father and child on a sit on top kayak in Pembrokeshire Wales, UK
[img src=]5190Happy Kid going kayaking
Happy kid making her way to th ekayaks in Pembrokeshire.
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