Kayak Tour

Family Kayaking Holiday Pembrokeshire

On our family kayaking holidays in Pembrokeshire we teach your family all you need to know to stay safe and have fun. Starting with an explanation of how to use the adventure equipment we quickly progress to enjoying the coastline and most important – HAVING FUN!

Standard Price
£45Per Person
Group rate 6 people +
£39 Per Person

Kayaking can be enjoyed by everyone old and young alike.
Modern and stable sit on top sea kayaks allow you to share the experience with the children as they play in amongst the boulder gardens, rocky channels and explore the depths of caves. We tailor all tours to your family’s needs and aspirations. Spending time as a family while kayaking on holiday, surrounded by the calming atmosphere and beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast is an experience not to be missed!

Stay dry or get wet, it’s up to you!

Kayaking with young children.
On a tandem (two person) kayak, children have the opportunity to reach areas of remote coastline that wouldn’t be possible under their own steam. They can assist with paddling the kayak or sit back and enjoy the ride into caves and secluded bays. Children love to jump into the sea and play on the kayaks. Thanks to our well fitting quality wet suits and equipment your children can have fun while staying warm and safe.

Top tips:- as you know, children’s energy levels can drop suddenly so bring snacks and drinks to avoid this. Water reflects 100% of sunlight. Sun protection is vital for young people. We suggest a high factor sun cream on all exposed skin.

Enjoy the views and marine life.
Our kayak guides, with years of experience, are well acquainted with the Pembrokeshire marine life and the local history of the Fishguard coast; knowledge which they are eager to share with you. Atlantic Grey Seals often enjoy watching and following our kayaks, but when the seals are not present our guides will help you spot the less obvious limpets, barnacles, spider crabs and anemones in the shallows. It is our experience that people can be just as fascinated exploring for crabs under rocks as they can be with a group of seals swimming around our kayaks.