Cardboard Kayak competition.

Cardboard Kayak competition is an excellent event celebrating fun in its most basic form. Either build a boat or come and watch the fun, either way, it’s a great evening so be there or be a pirate…

During the evening you can enjoy a BBQ and purchase beverages from the Yacht Club bar while enjoying watching people sinking in the harbour.

Want to get involved? Create an awesome cardboard kayak and paddle it against other like-minded people. Pit your creation against others to win awards. Details below…

Date and Time

Date: 2021 to be arranged.

Competitors registration: 5pm

Cardboard kayaks enter the water from: 6:30pm

BBQ open from 6pm

Yacht club bar open!


Lower Town Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA65 9NB. (Parking is available in the main car park please park and walk along the quay to join us)

Watch the Cardboard Kayak

You need to see this hilarious event happen, watching is FREE!

Observe the battle between rival cardboard kayak craftsmen from the sidelines while listening to live music. The Yacht Club bar will be open and the excellent “Cafe on the Quay” will be offering some tasty food.

The events

“Crazy Race” – All cardboard kayak competitors will race a course.

Paddle around the marked course and bump into the final marker buoy to finish the race.

“Destruction Derby” – An all-out battle between the remaining cardboard kayaks in a Destruction Derby. The cardboard kayaks must stay inside the centre of the course where they need to stay afloat the longest to win.


“Best themed kayak & paddler”– Most awesome looking kayak and paddler combination!
“Titanic Award” – Most Impressive sinking…
“Race event winner” – Fastest competitor on the course events.
“Last man/woman standing” – Final Destruction Derby with the last remaining competitor taking the win!

Would you like to compete??

You are very welcome. The competition is a light-hearted event and we hope to have a great day playing on the water. Read the rules below then build your cardboard kayak. Please bring your sense of humour and expect to get wet!

There is a minimum £5 registration donation which will be donated to the Lower Town Fishguard Sea Cadet unit.
There will be safety coverage of the course for any sinkers. 🙂

Be aware that even with a boat made to awesome workmanship standards,
you’re probably going to sink if you take too long on the water!


Building a boat that floats can be fun and easy, just imagine your design and do it. Designs can be anything you like, but make sure you read the rules and regulations before starting out. If you are struggling for ideas just do a search on Google or YouTube…

The ENTIRE boat must be built from cardboard, duct tape and environmentally friendly glue.
Cardboard comes in many forms as long as it’s cardboard, you can use it…

Building materials
  1. Cardboard – in its many forms…
  2. Duct tape – used to reinforce seams NOT as a waterproof covering.
  3. Glue – NOT on the exterior layer as waterproofing but acceptable between layers…
Decorate your kayak

Please decorate your kayak in anyway you feel. Decorations are allowed and encouraged, please use any materials you like, provided they are not used as structural or flotation elements (that means no waterproof paint). – Crew costumes and matching bank side team costumes are also encouraged.

  • Teams can be an individual or of unlimited size but the boat must have at least one person paddling it and finish with all the people it started with.
  • Each team must have a nominated Captain.
  • Every crew member must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) – We can provide you with one for a small donation
  • There is no age restriction other than the common sense of competitors and the judge.
  • All contestants must sign an entry form – If under 18 they must have a guardian sign for them.
  • During the competition, the crew must be IN the boat, not towing it, or holding it between their legs, swimming, or allowing the life jacket to provide the floatation of the vessel.
  • Contestants are expected to maintain decorum and dignity.
  • Sunken or discarded boats must be disposed of in the designated area.
  • THIS IS A FUN EVENT!!! Please enjoy and treat others with respect.
  • The biggest rule that overrules all other rules is “The Judges say is final”.