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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your kayak tour:

We run tours every day starting at:
9:30 am and 2:00 pm and occasionally we offer evenings*

*Evenings will show on our booking calendar when available.

Tours last between 2 & 2.5 hours.

We spend as little time as possible getting you ready and talking through how to kayak. Our focus is getting you out on the water as effiently as possible. On average everyone gets two hours on the water itself (this many vary slightly). This we believe, through experience, is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the coast.

We have both single and double kayaks available for use.

Please let us know your preference when booking.

Need help choosing Single or Tandem kayaks?

We find most people prefer to share their experience in tandem.

Under 15 years old: must go in a tandem with an adult.

Over 16 stones/100kgs: must go in a single kayak. Our kayaks have a maximum weight per person of 20 Stones/127kgs.

Your choice of kayaks will be met unless for safety/quality reasons our guides need to change your kayak type. The final decision remains with the kayak guide.

Tour dates without people currently booked:

We have our bookings set to a minimum of two people on any booking that is currently empty of customers.

Tour dates with people currently booked:

You’ll be able to book onto a tour that has people already booked on.


You can either wait to see if someone books your preferred date and time (therefore opening up the option to book one person) or book onto a tour already running.

Weight limits:

Over 16 stones/100kgs: must go in a single kayak. Our kayaks have a maximum weight per person of 20 Stones/127kgs.

Your choice of kayaks will be met unless for safety/quality reasons our guides need to change your kayak type. The final decision remains with the kayak guide.

Fitness requirements:

And while you should be in reasonable physical condition (walk upstairs without being out of breath), you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy one of our sea kayaking adventures. You just have to show up ready to savour the peaceful solitude of exploring nature by kayak.

Four years+ and we have no upper age limit as long as you have a basic level of fitness and are water confident.

We can provide equipment for children from one metre in height. We ask younger children and less strong individuals to go in a tandem with a family member or (if required) one of our guides. This way they can enjoy the ride without having to worry about paddling themselves along.

All under 18’s must be accompanied by at least one adult on our tours.

Children and adults get the same equipment and attention. Our ticket price is per person the same price for adults and children.

Morning or afternoon doesn’t make a difference. The weather and marine life can be spotted at any time and tide.

Kayak tour information:

Always bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet
  • Towel (Large enough to change under)
  • Water

Also, bring on…

Hot days:

  • Sunscreen (apply before the tour)
  • Sun hat
  • On really hot days you might wish to bring clothes to wear kayaking that you don’t mind getting wet (much more comfortable than a wetsuit).

Cold days:

  • Sweatshirt / thermal layer
  • Warm hat


We will supply:

All the specialist adventure kit necessary to keep you warm and happy including:

  • Kayak with comfy seat and paddle.
  • Wetsuit, Windproof/Waterproof Jacket and other equipment.

The weather rarely affects our kayaking tours because we have the wetsuits and equipment to keep you warm and cosy. As Billy Connolly once put it “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

We start in a sheltered harbour allowing you to learn in a controlled environment and, with the high coastal cliffs, we can often access all the sites of interest while staying in the reasonable shelter.

On the rare occasion that we have to cancel our tours (due to high winds), we offer a different tour date or a refund depending on your requirements.

Your photo memories are free and included in the cost of the experience. It’s important to us that you have amazing photos to download and share.

The email or mobile phone number included in your booking is where your photos will be sent to.

Location and facilities:

We are in Fishguard which is accessible from most of Pembrokeshire.

Please book before arriving, we are a mobile business and will only be on location at Lower Town Fishguard harbour on days when tours are running.


Quay Street, Lower Town Fishguard Harbour, Pembrokeshire, POSTCODE: SA65 9NB

Once you arrive in the harbour look for the Kayak-King van in the main car park.

We do not provide changing rooms. Our customers get changed around their cars or near our van. We advise a big towel to pop around you while changing.

You are welcome to leave your clothes in our van if you aren’t bringing a vehicle with you.

Public toilets are located in the harbour.

You can find them by walking along the harbour wall towards the sea. Halfway up the harbour nestled between two garages, you’ll find the toilets.

Please note there aren’t any toilets available while we are kayaking so perhaps best to go just before your tour is due to start…

On the water:

Your car keys can be stored with us we’ll explain this in detail during our indroduction talk.

You are welcome to wear your glasses on a kayaking tour with us. If you would like to wear glasses then it is at your own risk but we do have some glasses leashes available for you to borrow.

We always advise that all valuables stay locked away in your cars. Anything that can sink or can be damaged by seawater is best left on the land. We have somewhere for your keys (this will be explained in the safety briefing when we meet).

Waterproof cameras are welcome on the kayaks and we can help you attach them to you in case they are dropped. Phones are best left on the land as they are difficult to attach to you and are rarely salt waterproof. If you do decide to take your phone with you please put it on aeroplane mode, so that you are not distracted from the safety instructions and for the enjoyment of others on the tour. Don’t forget: Your photo memories are free and included in the cost of the experience. The email or mobile phone number included in your booking is where your photos will be sent to.

Bottles of water and hats are a nice thing to bring along.

Not being able to swim is okay with us as long as you are water confident, our sit on top kayaks are very stable meaning that, unless you want to, it’s extremely unlikely you will be in the water and if for some reason you do get wet you will be wearing a buoyancy aid which keeps you afloat.

Our qualified kayaking guides will assist in any way needed and will be on hand throughout your tour.

If you are a really nervous non-swimmer please talk to us before booking!
We can give you specialist “one on one” help and encouragement but a certain level of confidence is required to keep you safe in the sea.

For safety and enjoyment we try to keep our group size as small as possible. Groups can be upto 14 people with multiple guides but on average expect around 10 or less with you on the water.

Additional FAQ's:

We love our furry friends but sadly we cannot take them kayaking with us… This is why we have teamed up with the excellent “Dogsbody Pet Hotel” who provide daycare. Call – 01348 873737 or get in contact with them through Facebook.

Yes, of course! We will have a quick chat about your kit and check it is suitable for the environment and that it is in good condition. If anything is deemed unsuitable for our tours we will ask you to use our equipment.

We can also help you with any questions you may have on your equipment.

Kayak-King has a range of equipment for sale. Please visit our online shop or get in contact for details.

We hold Public Liability insurance up to £5 million and are happy to provide a copy of our certificate should you need one. Bookings with Kayak King DO NOT include personal travel or accident insurance. Please ask your insurer for details of the necessary cover for taking part in kayaking.

We think it’s much better.
Kayaking is an amazing way of viewing the park in a whole new light; being close to the cliffs and seeing their jagged majestic faces looming above you, journeying into their very heart in the amazing sea caves.
You will have walked over the caves without ever realising the inner sanctums that lie beneath your feet, their strange and sometimes eerie sights and smells can really make you feel like you are journeying into a new world. Seeing a seal at close range and occasionally so close that you can meet it eye to eye, feeling some of the innate intelligence that other mammals have is a memorable experience.
Cormorants diving, shags relaxing and sunning themselves on rocks are all a few of the delights that will appear right in front of your eyes!
Crabs and lobster
At certain times of the year, Kayak-King has crab and lobster pots that can be pulled up so you can see different crustacea in their natural form and, if you’re brave enough, handle them! All of our instructors are well versed in local wildlife and enjoy answering any questions that may be asked.

We hope our frequently asked questions have helped you. Got a different question? Please add it to the message section during your booking enquiry by clicking here.

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