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Pembrokeshire Kayak Academy

Beginners to experts, we have the perfect way to improve your paddling adventures.

At the Kayak Academy, you can improve your safety and ability in Kayaks. A wide range of courses is delivered in a fun way. We provide the perfect environment for learning the joyous activity of Kayaking. Expect to improve skills, have fun and meet more people to go kayaking with.

From complete beginner to kayak coach guru, we are here to help you along every step in that wonderful journey.

Within the levels below our courses are in order of difficulty and experience level. Find where you are and work your way done the list to go from first-timer to Kayaking Guru!

Get Started Courses (Sit on top kayaks)

Never been in a kayak?

Kayak Tour

Try out kayaking in a fun way, a fun exploration tour for complete beginners. We teach the very basics, nothing more than how to sit in a kayak, how to paddle forwards and steer. This tour focuses entirely on exploring and telling stories about the Pembrokeshire coast. The perfect way to try out kayaking or to have a great holiday experience is to go on this Kayak tour.

Want to learn how to be safe while coastal kayaking?

Sit on top Safety course

Learn about the basics of using a kayak safely in the sea environment. This course is a water-based day designed to give you the ability to kayak safely on the coast and improve your techniques.

Sit on Top – Improvers Day

This course is designed to give you more confidence out on the sea. Building on our popular Safety Course (not essential to have completed but highly recommended) we will take you on a journey while coaching you in your specific needs to improve your skills, knowledge and confidence. This will allow you to go more to more adventurous kayaking locations in the future.

Weather and Tide awareness

Building on the Safety courses Weather and Tide information this is a dry classroom day going into more detail on how to plan and put in place backup safety measures for your sit on top / sit inside kayak days out along the coast. Prepare to have your mind opened to maps, charts, Weather forecasts giving you the skills to choose your location and timings safely.

Traditional (sit inside) Sea Kayak courses

Want to learn how to use a sit-inside kayak?

Sea Kayak Intro

Try out sit-inside sea kayaks for the first time. Perhaps you’ve done lots of sit on top kayaking and you are intrigued by sit inside traditional kayaks? Or maybe you are keen to jump into these more advanced crafts? We can help by starting you off with the fundamentals of these boats.

Bespoke private coaching

Your guide, your choice of craft, single or multiple days and bespoke action plan for your progression. This is the quickest most dedicated way to improve your kayaking skills.

You will get top-quality coaching as well as access to all the kayaking equipment you may need to feel warm and safe on the water. Your coach will action plan your time, ensuring you exceed your expectations and maximize your progression.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in advanced coaching techniques. We work to your strengths, helping you to develop strategies for improving your kayak skills, long after or in between your coaching sessions.

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