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  • Paddle – Day Tour – Alloy Shaft


    The Feelfree Day Tour is our top selling paddle for recreational touring with Sit On Top Kayaks, General Purpose Kayaks and Touring Kayaks. The Day Tour paddle has asymmetrical blades for increased paddling efficiency and reduced torque. Available in two different material specifications: Standard and Deluxe.

    The standard model has an alloy shaft with white polypropylene blades. The Deluxe version has a lightweight fibreglass shaft with yellow polypropylene blades, the weight difference is noticeable especially after a few hours out on the water.

    We cannot currently offer delivery outside Pembrokeshire for our paddles. You are welcome to pick up from us in North Pembrokeshire.

    Please email: to order your new toy.

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  • Paddle leash

    Paddle Leash

    Paddle leash for those less calm days.

    Keep your paddle safe and secure by using a paddle leash. When paddling windy days or rough seas you can easily end up letting go of your paddle! Don’t lose yours with one of these.

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  • roof rack pads

    Roof rack pads

    Keep your kayak from sliding around on the roof and protect it at the same time. These quick additions to your can make life a lot easier transporting kayaks, canoes and Stand up paddleboards.

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  • roof straps

    Roof Rack Straps

    Palm Cam Straps – 5.5 Metre (two in the packet)

    A pair of cam straps with protective rubber covers‚ suitable for securing loads to roof racks and trailers. EN approved‚ with 25 mm webbing‚ non-corroding galvanised buckles and rubberised buckle cover to protect paintwork and surfaces.

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  • overboard safety bag

    Safety and Gear bag

    This essential safety and gear bag are our favourite accessory for sit on top kayaks and canoes. It fits brilliantly in the back of the kayaks keeping your safety and comfort equipment dry.

    Thanks to its wide top entry it is easily accessible while kayaking. This means less time faffing around trying to find items like your snacks or warm hat and more time enjoying the water in comfort. This to us is an essential item easy overlook by novice kayakers and canoeists.

    waterproofing logo

    • 100% waterproof duffel bag – Class 3: IP66
    • Weatherproof front zip pocket – Class 2: IP65
    • Floats safely if dropped in water
    • Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water
    • Seamless high frequency welded construction
    • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
    • Outer nylon shell with bonded internal PVC fabric
    • 2 x Front light reflective strips
    • 4 x D-rings for multiple attachment options
    • Internal wet / dry pocket
    • Internal side mesh zip pockets
    • Top carry handle
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  • Sandtrakz C-TUG

    Sandtrakz C-TUG


    Brand New for the C-Tug is the SandTrakz Wheels. These are great for moving loads over soft sand, wider wheels are not necessarily better- Bulldozers and military tanks use long tracks, reducing the chance of them digging in and the new Sandtrakz wheels for C-Tug trolleys have been designed to mimic this by compressing and creating a larger footprint on the sand.

    About the C-Tug Trolley Itself, Brand New for 2014 – Built to last a lifetime, the C-TUG is setting new standards with its sophisticated style and precision design. Made of non -corroding material and stainless steel reinforced axles, this trolley can be used on all terrains to get you paddling in places you dreamed of. C-TUG requires no tools and assembles in seconds.


    Assembly and lacing instructions are printed on a leaflet in the box for your convenience.


    C-TUG also dismantles in seconds, allowing you to stow it in your canoe or kayak hatch to take to your next destination. C-TUG comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

    The C-Tug is our strongest and most popular trolley.

    Currently out of stock but we can order them in if you would like to buy one please contact us

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  • kayak seat clip

    Seat clips

    Seat clips to replace/repair/improve sit on top seats.

    These are great for allowing you to remove/install your seat quickly but it’s advised to give these a freshwater rinse if using in the saltwater (sea) environment.

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  • paddle board

    Stand Up Paddle Board – Hard Board

    NSP 10’2 stand up paddleboard – Used


    These used boards are pretty awesome. They are a great all round SUP. Fab for fun with the family, trips along the coast or surfing little waves. We have been using them through our sister company “Board Games Surfing” for tours along the Pembrokeshire coast and have loved them.

    They come with fin and leash.

    These SUP’s have been loved while it is in use, the usual few bumps, marks and repairs but still ready for action and many hours, days, years of more fun!

    Ready to enjoy the water straight away. *paddles sold separately

    We cannot currently offer delivery outside Pembrokeshire for our hardboard SUP’s. Delivery within Pembrokeshire available at £20 or you are welcome to pick up from us in North Pembrokeshire.

    Please email: to order your new toy.

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  • Paddle board inflatable

    Stand up Paddleboard – Inflatable

    Our new stand up paddleboard (SUP). Sold as a complete kit for your convenience.

    After rigorous testing of many inflatable stand up paddle boards we have found this great board that is stable with good tracking and at the right price.


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  • watersports jacket

    Surface watersports jacket

    Watersports jacket by Typhoon

    The Sirocco Smock is built using an extremely durable, waterproof and breathable 2.5 layer fabric construction. Sleeve design limits ride-up and improves freedom of movement.

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  • swivel rod holder

    Swivel Rod Holder – Kayak Fishing

    Adjustable fishing rod holder that can swivel 360 degrees and tilt up and down for the perfect position. Its design allows it to hold rods with most reel styles.

    This Feelfree swivel rod holder can be attached to any sit on top kayak. Fits virtually every fishing reel style including bait casters, spinning reels, fly reels, boat reels and conventional reels. This kit includes a mounting base with a quick-release for easy adjustability. The rod holder can be swivelled 360 degrees and can be tilled up and down.

    When not using the Feelfree Swivel Rod Holder you can easily remove the rod holder from the base and store in your kayak.

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  • T-Shirt


    Quality Purple T-shirt with Kayak-King yellow logo.

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