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  • ocean towline

    Tow line – Ocean Pro 10m

    An adaptable‚ quick-to-deploy ocean towline with a vent mesh belt for comfort and floatation. The Ocean Pro pocket opens wide to make rope packing easy. This model is used for more difficult sea conditions when towing with the see conditions following you require a longer distance between you and the towee. It can, of course, be shortened temporarily for close contact tows.

    Colour: Saffron/yellow
    Size: One waist size
    10-meter rope
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  • react towline

    Towline React 3m

    A waist mounted towline‚ made to meet the demands of daily safety and rescue use. Featuring an easy pack bag‚ as well as a vent mesh liner for comfort and floatation.

    These are great for sit on top kayaks used on mostly calm conditions. A great way to tow a friend back to safety if they are feeling a bit tired or a little seasick.

    Colour: Red
    Size: One waist size
    3-meter rope
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  • Map case for kayaking


    Using a fast zip lock sealing system, this A4 and Letter paper size document pouch is not only waterproof but will protect your vital documents from sand, dirt, UV sun and frost damage too. That means you can navigate your way through any adventure!

    Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and four D-rings for multiple attachment options, this handy waterproof large document bag could really save the day.

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  • wire gate karabiner

    Wire Gate karabiner

    Wire Gate karabiner

    A large wire gate karabiner with anodised finish. Fits over most paddle shafts. A useful bit of kit to have in your buoyancy aid along with a climbers sling. The uses for this are endless for example close contact towing. Assisting with sit on top rescues by creating a foot ladder sling or for just connecting your boat to a rock while you are having lunch (in case the cheeky tide takes it away).

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