Kayaking Safety Equipment

As necessary as the kayak itself while often overlooked Kayaking Safety Equipment is paramount to enjoying the water in a safe manner.

As a bare minimum you should have:

  1. Away to get help (A mobile phone in a waterproof case)
  2. Warm top
  3. Windproof top
  4. Hat
  5. First aid kit
  6. Drinking water
  7. Emergency food (chocolate is our preferred choice)
  8. Sunscreen
  9. A way of towing your buddy if they get tired/seasick/injured.

Keep all items safe and dry in a waterproof drybag accept your phone should be on your person at all times.

A paddle leash is also wise as in windy conditions your kayak will float away from your paddle if you drop it in the water leaving you without a way to return home.

Not sure what Kayaking safety equipment is best for you? Get in contact!

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