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  • deluxe kayak seat

    Deluxe seat by FeelFree

    The Deluxe Feelfree Seat is exactly that, a comfortable deluxe padded seat for sit on top kayaks. The Deluxe seat offers stiffer and higher back support than the average sit-on-top seat as well as more padding on the seat pad.

    Supplied with 4 dog collar clips that attach to the kayaks fittings.

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  • kingfisher seat by feelfree

    Kingfisher seat by FeelFree

    The Kingfisher seat offers high back support with a thick padded wedge seat for maximum comfort. Attaches to Sit On Top kayaks using 4 dog collar buckles, 2 forward of the seating position and 2 behind. Adjustment of the straps results in the ultimate seating position for maximum comfort and reduces numb bums!

    For long days fishing on the water, the Kingfisher is the best choice.


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