Wire Gate karabiner


Wire Gate karabiner

A large wire gate karabiner with anodised finish. Fits over most paddle shafts. A useful bit of kit to have in your buoyancy aid along with a climbers sling. The uses for this are endless for example close contact towing. Assisting with sit on top rescues by creating a foot ladder sling or for just connecting your boat to a rock while you are having lunch (in case the cheeky tide takes it away).

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MaterialsAnodised aluminium

Weight: 76 g

Strength: Maximum breaking strength 22 kN (major axis)‚ 8 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)

Certification: EN362:2004/B UIAA approved

Other Features:

  • Wire gate opening
  • Gate opening 35 mm

CE approved

Our safety hardware and helmets belong to the CE group of PPE (personal protective equipment) and are certified to the required European Conformity directives.