We operate at all times in line with British Canoe Union safety guidelines and our guides are qualified with this governing body. Our guides excel in their profession and sports and will lead you to the safest/best paddling locations they know. To reinforce this we ask that all participants act responsibly and co-operate with their guide while afloat. We always carry out a full safety inspection of equipment and venue before launching our kayaks on the water.

Our Sit-On-Top kayaks are fast and very stable. Comfort and safety are always the two most important points in the selection of the kayaks and equipment that we provide to you.

Sometimes in the interest of customer safety we have to cancel our tours if wind and/or sea conditions are too challenging for the abilities of the group.

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As in all areas of life, you are also responsible for your own health and safety and with this in mind you must inform us of any health or safety concerns that might particularly relate to you that might not be immediately obvious to us. You are advised to do this while making your booking to ensure that we are informed and properly prepared to care for you during your tour with us.

We provide all your specialist instruction, paddling gear and safety equipment but we ask that you look out for your own safety and welfare as far as is reasonably practicable.

We at Kayak-King insist that every person intending to paddle a tour with us should understand, accept and support our commitment to safety