Sit on Top kayak safety course

1 Day course / 10am – 4pm

Want to learn how to kayak on the sea safely?

Got a kayak or thinking of buying one? On this one day course, you can learn how to improve your days out on the sea. Learn about the weather, efficient paddling, rescues, map reading, appropriate equipment and so much more.

We have created this course for you:

When you attend our sit on top safety course we give you the skills and knowledge to be safe out on the water.

With even some basic knowledge a lot of problems can be avoided, and you will learn what actions to take in the event that things don’t go to plan. It will also allow you to plan far more enjoyable trips with more of an understanding of what you will encounter on the day.

We will also provide an opportunity to get wet and practice getting yourself back onto your kayak – this is not compulsory however it is highly recommended!

What we will cover:
  • Paddling your kayak efficiently
  • Understanding wind and weather conditions and their impact on your safety (and enjoyment!)
  • Self-rescue and assisting the rescue of others in case of capsizes
  • What equipment you should be carrying, why and how to use it
  • Towing others safely
  • Marine code – an awareness of distances that should be kept from seals and birdlife at particular times of the year and an understanding of why
  • Basic map reading skills
  • What to do if it all goes wrong

This one day course involves a journey on which we will cover all of the above topics while having fun.

What we provide:

We will provide all equipment or you can use your own.

We will have available:

  • kayaks
  • paddles
  • wetsuits
  • windproofs
  • buoyancy aids
  • tow lines
  • dry bags

Your coach will discuss this with you on arrival and can provide anything extra you require.

Got questions? contact your coach directly here:

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kayak safety course
Sit on top kayak safety course
Sit on top kayak safety course