Skomer island – A Puffin wedding proposal

Skomer island – Sea kayaking wedding proposal

Good things come to those who wait…

I have been adventuring for over ten years with my best friend Olivia (Libby) Chivers of fame. On a sunny morning while sea kayaking around Skomer island I asked Libby to be my wife…

Skomer island wedding proposal

From the moment we met, we have been on a constant search for the next fun challenge… These adventures have seen us travel far and wide in search of the next river to paddle, surf to surf, rock to climb or just being plain silly on a beach somewhere… Pembrokeshire is our home and playground, Skomer island is just one of our many favourite places to go kayaking while on a day off from (kayaking) work.

Skomer Island is an amazing place to kayak around

Located less than a mile from the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, Skomer is truly an amazing place to visit.

Skomer is known for many things including its Puffins, yet there is so much more to the bird paradise including Manx Shearwaters, Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises, Atlantic Grey Seal, Razorbills, Gannets, Fulmars and the unique Skomer Vole. The island is surrounded by some of the richest waters for wildlife of the British Isles from delightfully coloured sea slugs to magnificent cetaceans.

Surprise while sea kayaking on the Pembrokeshire coast…

This adventure had an unexpected (for Libby) proposal amongst the puffins, seals, razorbills and coastal views of Skomer Island. I made this little film below to celebrate our day and to share our happiness with the world. It’s full of fun and silliness and a little bit of love. Hope you enjoy…

I’m very happy to announce that we are now engaged and this is how it happened…

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