Cardboard Kayak-King Event 2014

Laughter, dedication and soggy cardboard

A perfect combination of a silly evening in Fishguard.

On Saturday 20th September 2014 an amazing evening of cardboard kayak silliness was had in Lower Town Fishguard Harbour. With well over one hundred and fifty spectators along the quay wall, the atmosphere was electric. The crowd had a great time enjoying the laughter, hog roast and beer, provided by the excellent Cafe On the Quay while cheering on the fun-loving competitors who made their voyage out into the sea in homemade kayaks. The Kayaks were made using only cardboard, duct tape, glue and dreams took to the water in an all-out battle for glory and awards!

“Cardboard kayaks, piloted by intrepid people, float (or sink) in a rigorous competition designed to test the kayaks to destruction…”
The Results:


  • 1st – SAKURA TOURS
  • 2nd – Kayak-King
  • 3rd – Spearhead

The Race:

  • 1st – Stingray
  • 2nd – Spearhead
  • 3rd – Octocox

The Destruction Derby:

  • 1st – Making Headlines
  • 2nd – Octocox
  • 3rd – Spearhead
Award Winners:

“Best themed kayak & paddler”

Most awesome looking kayak and paddler combination the award for 2014 goes to – Sharkinator 3000

“Titanic Award”

Most Impressive sinking the award for 2014 goes to – Neils 50 minute makes

“Main event winner”

The fastest competitor on the course events goes to – Spearhead

“Last man/women standing”

Final Destruction Derby with the last remaining competitor taking the win the award for 2014 goes to – Making Headlines


The Cardboard Kayak race in Lower Town Fishguard was a massive success will you enter next year?

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